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Consultation Process
Clear and wide view field
The eyes are the access of body perception which can both receive and transfer the information as the soul channel of people approaching to the external world. The responsibility and mission of Nobel ophthalmic department is to enable the soul window clearer and brighter, and this is also the highest ideal of Nobel ophthalmic department. To achieve this ideal, every day, every employee of Nobel ophthalmic department is striving for the object with effort work.

Origination and motivation
Nobel ophthalmic department is the original of Nobel medical treatment group, the motivation and noble ambition of group incorporation are to help the people recover their clear and bright visual perception focuses. Ophthalmic department is also a work with rich philosophy inspiration. Since the body is the representation of consciousness, losing the healthy eyesight has the metaphor that a person cannot see clearly the reality, only the internal cause of bad eyesight is found out, can the eye disease be led and cured to open the clairvoyance. Only the internal and external diseases are healed, can life be clearer and more beautiful. Due to the concretization and superorganic concept of ophthalmic department, it is expected that Nobel ophthalmic department work can create the visual perception wonders and extremely beautiful life in addition to providing professional service and extending business thereof.

Exclusive creation
To further perfect the ophthalmic department medical cure system, Nobel medical treatment group also exclusively established the optical outpatient service, and it is expected that the professional optical doctor can cooperate with oculist and evaluate the eye statuses of the patients together with consultations of a variety of refraction treatment, thus the patients receiving refraction operations can obtain the most complete examinations and optical services. The major business of Nobel Optical Science and Technology Co. Ltd. is the original equipment manufacturer of optical medical apparatuses, and medical consumables of ophthalmic department, so as to guarantee the accuracy of apparatus and quality of optical medicine, and also backup the optical medical education. Based upon the new cognition and new wisdom of eye health, Nobel ophthalmic department not only care about the rising of service quality, but also pay more attention to breakthrough of medical technology and renewal of apparatuses, and it completes the full laser eyesight correction treatment process with more perfect technology, safer operation and better post operation effect.

Laser short sight operation
The hospital provides the IR Fourier Wavefront Intra-LASIK operation, which can deal with the near sight within scope of 1200 degrees of high myopia, 600 degrees of astigmatism, and 600 degrees of hyperopia. It provides the high quality result of day and night eyesight after operation (avoid the night glare or double shadow), and high resolution eyesight, therefore, it is the optical selection of the one fearing blade operations.

cataract operation
The senile cataract is a general eye disease of old ages, and its treatment usually depends on nearly 15-20min operation without hospitalization. Nobel ophthalmic department adopts the latest ultrasonic emulsification machine with which the crystalline lens is vibrated, crushed, emulsified, and then it will be sucked out for placing in soft artificial crystalline lens, it has small wound free of suture and with fast recovery. After operation, it only needs the outpatient service tracking and treatment. The cataract operation is the development key point for future Nobel ophthalmic department.

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