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Open the door of turning back time
Looking back to Oct. 2002 when Nobel ophthalmic department went into the Cosmetic field, when I determined to devote myself to research of medical Cosmetic resolution, for further resolving the requirements of patients suffering problems of too small eyes, too narrow eyes, eye circumferential line, eye pouch, black eye ring, and spot, etc. although after near sighted laser operation with smooth removal of their glasses.

Experience and extraction
The Merrier Beauty Service is incorporated subject to the professional training background of ophthalmic department doctor, deep and acute contact and understanding of eye, circumocular skin and muscle as well as tissue, many years accumulated eye plastic operation, and rapid development of a variety of apparatuses and injection and plastic. The advanced apparatuses and technologies are the professional guarantee of Meilier such as, clostridium botulinum dynamic lines treatment, Hyaluronic Acid injection, pulse light, magnetic wave light youth recover spot elimination, blood vessel waste elimination medical apparatuses, electric wave skin tightening, magnetic wave laser crack elimination, optical wave skin tightening, skin cleaning laser, fractional laser. It expects to match up with the fast rhythm living style of the modern people, and provide safer and faster health and beauty without convalescence or with short recovery period.


Safety first
In the increasingly changed times, the people not only pursue the body health, but also hope to flow back the time, beautify the bright eyes and maintain the best status. As a doctor, I am clearer than the common one the benefits of medical technology upon livings of people, therefore, we pay more attention to safety principle in addition to positively promoting the medical cosmetic, thus the health and beauty will last all one’s life.

New territory of beauty
Health is the basic requirement of life, and beauty like is the nature of human being. The health and beauty do not depend on accumulation of money, but from careful cure, proper maintenance, intelligent trim, and gradual accumulation. Each body part as eye corner and brow tip, etc. will all have their beauty philosophy respectively. Merrier professional medical team took the first step of beauty territory from Zhongxiao Meilier, the Bali island style environment will enable you enjoy the time as if in the strange countries, During the easygoing leisure and vacation you will gradually become beautiful with more pleasure heart feeling, and you will be more youthful and lively.

Executive officer of Merrier Beauty Service
Meiling Chen


Zhongxiao Merrier Clinic. Enjoy a beauty vacation.

Neihu Merrier Clinic. The new classic elegant design continues the all through service quality of Merrier, offering you closer beauty management and recovering the most beautiful individual.

Taipei Merrier Clinic. Better beautifying service will be provided for you in many more beautifying branches.

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